Kim Ki O - Bugün Yok Ki (Anadol version) by Cem Yardımcı

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Illustrations by Cynthia Merhej for the fictional story “Scenes of a Damascene subway” published on Mashallah News:

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Mojtaba Tajik

First row: Untitiled - 2010 (Acrylic on canvas - 152x240 cm)

Second row: Untitiled - 2010 (Acrylic on board - 240x150 cm)

Third row: Untitiled - 2010 (Acrylic on canvas - 124x244 cm)

Fourth row: Untitiled - 2010 (Acrylic on canvas - 200x142 cm)

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After a successful inaugural release, we are proud to present our second Mashallah MENA music sampling, arranged on a monthly basis by Gabriel Luis Manga, and highlighting the best of new and underground music in the region. This month, we pay homage to Algeria’s valiant World Cup performance with some tracks from Ashraf Essenthy and El Mahdy Jr, and feature not one but two tracks from Palestine’s own Makimakkuk, who’s “Spaces” EP is one of the best of this year.

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Badawiya Lovin’, new track from Hello, Psychaleppo!

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zaabil hairdressers by sand-written:

finer trims at zaabil hairdressers

// Seen here is Damodar bhai (great grandfather of present owner Bharat bhai) set up an open air saloon near the present bank of baroda in 1955. 

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Seyed Hossein Fasih

Sefat - 2009 (Mixed media on Paper - 49.5×65 cm)

Behtar - 2009 (Mixed media on Paper - 39.5×65.5 cm)

Ser - 2009 (Mixed media on Paper - 49.5×65 cm)

Ensaf - 2009 (Mixed media on Paper - 63×50 cm)

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